R. This letter is clearly for "refraction" - a problem I have been having with my new glasses.


Refraction, as well as reflection in my new lenses, have been causing me some problems with my eyes and I have booked a session with the optometrist. I am not sure whether they are actually going to do anything about it. Let's wait and see what happens. 

Anyhow, today, I sent a letter to the new principal at Macarthur Girls High School with the hope of doing observational research at the school. As part of my learning on how to do action research, we have been given the task as listed:

Make a group of four and identify a research topic. The topic should focus on classroom practice (i.e. what a teacher does in the classroom). The topic can focus on how students learn, classroom management, strategies for building classroom community, instructional strategies, or instructional programs you can implement in your class or after-school (as opposed to a school-wide program). Your topic needs to be broad enough so that each of the group members can identify a sub-topic for completing an individual literature review. 

For example, the group’s topic might be ’Engaging in Productive Classroom Discussions,’ with the following four sub-topics:

    1. how students learn during small-group discussions
    2. empirical research on different types of questions
    3. strategies for facilitating whole-class discussions and
    4. how cooperative learning strategies facilitate classroom discussions.

I am still not sure what to make of it - but I am learning as I go. I guess this is the nature of things and how this works. My topic is differentiation and I will attempt to tie things in with my successful summer class: Educating Students in Inclusive Environments where I gained a high distinction for my efforts. 

Now, what I need are some helpers to help me blog better. I just wished I was able to interact with readers. Maybe I am boring and I have nothing much to say that makes interesting reading. This brings me back to my "reflection" and the Organisation of the Teacher Standards. This is a really good link to highlight what I need to know where I am at:



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