P. Professional Practice - my first time in front of students...


In April next month, I will be sent away to a school somewhere, to do my first practical. So far this year during the Summer Semester, I have achieved a high distinction for Students in Inclusive Education as well as a Credit for Aboriginal and Culturally Responsive Pedagogies. 

Unfortunately, I feel that this semester is going to be a contrast in comparison as the teachers, tutors and lecturers have been difficult to deal with. They have been unprepared and the material they have been presenting to us has been hard to follow. In these situations, one has to work that extra bit harder to compensate for the lack of information. I have 3 classes this semester, and they are totally poles apart in how the teachers work with students. It's been south vs north vs east and west - there is no uniformity that I can see, so I am going to need to make the best of it. It is no point in making any excuses and it will be up to me to make things work for me. I am on a quest to make it gel together. 

This is what I have uncovered so far:

Teachers are responsible for the following.

  • Being organised and prepared for every lesson, every day.
  • Preparing instruction and processes that support learning for all.
  • Designing lessons that engage students.
  • Checking for understanding throughout the lesson.
  • Finding and implementing a variety of activities, strategies, and teaching methods.
  • Accepting that all students do not learn the same way or at the same rate.
  • Reteaching as needed to help all students learn.
  • Enriching each lesson to engage and motivate learners.
  • Caring deeply for every student.
  • Realising that some things just do not work, even with the best of planning.
  • Picking up the pieces, loose ends, confusion, and misconceptions of learning and then uncovering ways to correct them.
  • Starting each day fresh, excited, and dedicated to students.
  • Ending each day by looking forward to tomorrow with enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Knowing that what they say, do, teach, and model affects every student now and forever.
  • Believing that no other job is as important as being a teacher. 

We have been asked to watch this video:


What are your thoughts on this? I would like to hear from you...

We have also been learning about our "code-of-conduct" and I found some very useful information here:


We found that The Code of Conduct is divided into 5 areas:

  1. Ethical Decision Making
  2. Respectful ad Safe Relationships
  3. Professional Conduct
  4. Representing the Department
  5. Reporting   

We also looked at other "professional practice" issues with ethics and got to discuss the following YouTube video:


Some things to think about, in particular with Social Media. My response is below:

It is a real drinking dilemma in this situation, as I am not one to go out socially with work buddies. I have been working for 25 years already and have rarely gone out with work people. As a rule, this should not happen. Work is work and social gathering should not include work colleagues. My task, in this case, is to post around 200 words via vUWS on this topic. I guess I better leave my views and what I think there, to comply with the University. 

Check out this awesome video, then, you be the judge:



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