J. Jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja is the best medicine.


Sometimes, when there are three Js together, or even two Js together, I think of music. Some people see the letter J and think of Jar Jar Binks. I also think of the new-old word popping up everywhere considering the vaccinations: jab. However, when I see a single letter J, I think of laughter and how little of this medicine we have left, considering the last year we just had. If nineteen is a number you would like to forget it's important to think how a lot of the issues with a lack of laughter in our lives is dependant on attitude and people's point of view and the lack of open-mindedness or a positive frame of mind. Turns out that critical to the pandemic has been our preparedness in handling mental health and the sentiments that plague our community ahead of the dreaded Covid-19. 

Will the vaccine cure the concerns created by the pandemic?

Will the little "jab" finally fix mental illness that has plagued people in lockdown?

This is why I feel that laughter is actually the best medicine as we don't really need an injection in this country since we do not have Covid-19 that is out of control. In fact, it has totally been controlled and our ability to manage restrictions and guaranteeing has worked despite the rascals working at certain security companies who have not isolated and have transmitted the disease brought back by travellers. This has also been the situation in New Zealand, tarnishing their good efforts at controlling the outbreaks. Turns out there are still individuals who either believe it will not happen to them or are ignorant enough to think the virus is not real. Any which way, as the saying goes: there is always someone in the crowd to spoil it for everyone else. Perhaps they are suffering from mental illness and are people who don't care. I don't know so I shouldn't comment.

What I do know is that I will be getting the vaccine when it comes around, but I am not sure which one to go for as there are currently many manufacturers bidding for inclusion in this crazy world of immunisation trying to keep our community safe from this horrible pandemic.

Question: why did the chicken cross the road halfway?



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