F. Forging on with my assignments


The letter "F" in this case is for finding or discovering an interesting twist to my education. It is quite amazing that my favourite book for University is written by an amazingly thinking man who is now retired and living a few kilometres from my eldest sister in Newcastle, north of Sydney, is also an amazing photographer whos images of animals and nature are incredible. 

Considering that I have possibly only 10 or 15 years before I retire, my current education at Western Sydney University has given me such insight into the world of teaching that in 1995 when I began this journey at the University of Technology, Sydney, I never dreamed possible. 

We were then only just beginning to use computers and only beginning to familiarise ourselves using technology. In 1995 I opened my first email account with Netscape. Who can remember them? They were the giants of technology and invented JavaScripting. The folk at Netscape sold their business to America On-Line (AOL) and made a fortune. 

In 1996 I opened my email account with Hotmail and I have had it ever since, still use it now. 

In 1997 on my way to graduating with a degree in Vocational Education, I chose to do my major in 3D Computer Animation and a sub-major in Computer Graphics where I trained in using Autodesk Maya doing 3D modelling and rendering. 

I achieved my qualifications at the Faculty of Design through their cross-curriculum programs that enabled students from other parts of the University to accomplish their goals but where not necessarily enrolled in the same areas. At the time, the faculty had only just received their brand-new Apple Computers and their labs were one of the best in the country with the latest technology available - and the best software in place. I was one of the first students to use their equipment and we did great things in learning what to do as there were no trainers available with the expertise needed, except, the vision and the ideas as they were writing and creating education on the run trying to keep up with technology.

The fast rate of pace with new developments, new equipment, new technology was extraordinary. We were all waiting and waiting for the digital SLR cameras to catch up so that we did not have to scan film as the file sizes were too big and the hard drives just could not keep up. Don't get me started talking about mobile phones... ...how technology in this area changed everything. 


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