D. Daring to continue with my reflection


What is of concern is a single paragraph of text that I read in a book by David McRae called: What Works?: Explorations in improving outcomes for indigenous students (2000) on page 179:

Schools should not reward Koori kids by suspension when they get into trouble at school. Rather, they should bring in a Koori task force at the critical moment and work through a special and intense mentoring program to keep the kid at school.

This very last paragraph is in conclusion to a set of findings and results from 83 Indigenous Education Strategic Initiative Programme (IESIP) projects conducted to learn how to improve Aboriginal student learning outcomes that demonstrated success in indigenous education. My concern is how fragile this matter is when trying to impose European views on education on a culture who is not ready to succumb to western ideals - nor should they. 

Why are teachers asked to attempt to change the ideals, morals and ethics of the indigenous children of this great nation so that they be westernised? 

Following on with this blog from more than a month ago - today is 4 February 2021 - I would like to report that I have been reading a lot of 'historical' information on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the colonisation of this country by the British. As a consequence of my dismay and perhaps a little confusion on my task in compiling my assessment task 1, I almost flunked it by not focusing enough on the rubric and concentrated on history instead. But, somehow, I felt like it needed to be said.

Learning from my mistakes - I cannot afford to no focus on the important aspect of the assessment - the rubric - as it provided all of the information I needed to get good marks. I will upload a link of my work so that if you are reading this, you can read the PDF. More to come on this...


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