B. Becoming a reflective teacher - part B


If you are reading this, you may not know that I am enrolled at two universities in order to complete my studies on time. So, I am enrolled at both Western Sydney University (WSU) and the University of New England (UNE) in Armidale, NorthEastern part of New South Wales.

At UNE, I am a summer student studying EDSP500 Educating Students in Inclusive Environments. At WSU (or is it called UWS? - no one can tell me this for some weird reason) I am enrolled doing 102085 (Summer A 2021) Aboriginal and Culturally Responsive Pedagogies. 

I am so very fortunate I have made the decision to attempt to accomplish my learning during summer at two very different institutions. All I can say is WOW - what a difference. Both have such different styles and the culture at each facility is so contrasting from one another. 

Maybe I should repeat the WOW and say BOW WOW WOW instead. Yes: Bow Wow Wow... ...remember them? Here is a reminder:


Anyhow, where was I... ...the differences between the folk in Sydney and our northern cousins are dramatic but the content they are teaching is very, very similar despite the HUGE differences in the subjects. Similar because "Educating students in inclusive environments" is totally interrelated with "Aboriginal and Culturally Responsive Pedagogies" at all levels.

What I have learnt so far from Inclusive Education at UNE is the importance of differentiation and how teachers need to address the needs of students by catering for their particular learning styles - focusing on how well teachers know their students before they are able to understand who they are. This is in line with all of what we are learning through Indigenous Studies as UWS. 

What is fascinating about my new blog is how inspiring it is to be doing my reflection out in the public for all to see - well, for all to see if they can find it as the internet is incredibly overcrowded with meaningless information that no one actually has time to read, let alone write things. 


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